Dot Drone Generator

highSCORE Festival 2021 | Alberto Barberis

Dot Drone Generator is a drone generator which allows you to create synthetic textures and chords directly on your browser.

Click on the window to generate a Dot, which has a sinusoidal wave with tremolo.

The y-axis represents the amplitude range. The amplitude is modulated by a triangular LFO (Low Frequency Oscillator), with a random frequency.

The x-axis represents the frequency range.

Press 'L' and then Click+Drag from an existing Dot to an other one, to link two sinusoids and create a Frequency Modulation (FM synthesis) between them, where the first Dot becomes (in addition) the modulator of the second (carrier).

It is possible to create a chain of modulation: each carrier can become a modulator. This allows you to create complex spectra with a lot of sidebands, to the point of creating very noisy sounds!

Click on an existing circle to delete it or to delete the modulation chain of which it is part.